We are two Carolines—bonded by the same name, the same love of food, baking and music. We want to make you treats and have a dance party! Here, you can learn about about versions 1.0 and 2.0…as described by one another.  To order (Logan, Utah with occasional pick ups in locations across the Wasatch front) please find us on the the West Tenth app: https://w10.page.link/TwoCarolinePiesandSweets and follow us on Instagram for more information on buying sweets.

(photo by Julia Bender)

Caroline v2.0 was reared in Salt Lake City, UT. She’s got mad love for that place and has so many amazing stories to share of her skating and snowboarding heydays. I mean, she hung out with a Beastie Boy. That’s just a glimpse of how cool and fun she is. She’s traveled all over the world with her family and even lived in Egypt. Are you starting to see why she’s the ultimate in girl crushes?

I gave Caroline the nickname 2.0, because I feel like she is the better and more improved version of myself. We are both lovers of soul music, hip hop, mid-century design, dance parties, and FOOD. When she’s not spending time with her three gloriously beautiful children and my pretty alright brother—she’s tearing it up in the kitchen and sometimes the dance floor. She’s got killer moves in both and her Chocolate Zucchini Cake will make you want to moonwalk. She is a snowboarding enthusiast, bird watcher, Utah lover, and one of the only people I know who isn’t down for the perennial California sunshine. You’ll never find a better friend and I couldn’t be luckier to call her my Sis.

Caroline 11
(photo by Jonathan Canlas)

Caroline King v1.0 was born and raised in the lovely San Francisco suburb of Walnut Creek.  She’s the youngest of 4 kids so she grew up tough, and was made more tough by her consistent proximity to the center of cities – Care is drawn to places that offer a diversity of people, landscapes, art, music and most of all FOOD.  She recently returned to her downtown Salt Lake City residence after a few years living in Berlin, Germany which has allowed her to survey the European food scene intimately.  In addition to these food knowledge props she grew up in a household that was run by one of the best home cooks I have ever beheld – watching Joyce King put a pie together is like a spiritual experience that will leave you applauding and insisting she takes a bow – she’s NEXT LEVEL and Care has all that genetic baking instinct and more.

I met her prior to meeting her brother, who I decided to marry a while later, but had I not already developed a heavy girl crush on the “other Caroline” I probably wouldn’t have gone out with her brother in the first place.  Our families coming together has resulted in a plethora of dance parties, good jokes and delicious things!  Care is a creative baker with an eye for trends and an allegiance to tradition at the same time.  She has mastered the chemistry of baking and because of her background as a graphic designer with specific experience in magazines and fashion she understands and appreciates the beauty of baking as well.  The fact that I get to blog about baked goods with this beautiful, loyal, talented, hilarious girl who I share a name with is pretty much a dream come true.

Contact us – Have a question?  Let a sister know! (see what I did there):  twocarolinesbake@gmail.com


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